Your Complete Back Office Solution

Claims Connection is your full service back office solution for all roofing, remodeling and general contractors throughout the United States.  We understand that with better back office organization your sales team will be able to gear their focus directly on sales without having to deal with back office functions of depreciation, supplements or final invoicing.  Our team of seasoned insurance adjusters have an in depth knowledge of the entire restoration process from the initial call to collecting the last check from your client.  Our goal is to assist you in streamlining this process from your initial estimate to your final invoice.

We’ve helped clients increase profits by 10% in a year, and our fee was less than 1% of that increase. Our services literally pay for themselves. Schedule a call…what do you have to lose?


We do the leg work in creating your estimates for bidding jobs and supplements whenever required. In some instances we can provide same day estimates to your team.


Our team has years of experience as state licensed insurance claim specialists with multiple carriers. We know how to identify potential supplements that will increase your final project invoices.


Preparing your final invoices to be sent to Insurance Companies in a timely manner is important in keeping your business cashflow positive.


We offer a wide range of add-on marketing services for the construction industry from website development to social media management.

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